By makers for makers.

Solodoers is a community of makers.

We create spaces for sharing ideas, tools, companies from the start. We don't want to build an emoji unicorn or the next Uber. We talk about under digitized processes and challenge the status quo. We are always looking for talented people capable of solving problems and bringing projects to life ('doers').

Our ecosystem matches great products with the appropriate talent. Our humble goal is to bring ideas that would never make it to the market reality. To throw light on strange, brave, inspiring and authentic ideas that empower people. Crazier business. More fearless. More honest.

Different companies.

┬┐What do we do?

Your project in the spotlight

If you've created an MVP with some traction and want to find talent to execute it.
This is your place.


If you're talented and looking for a good project. Write to us.
Maybe we have your future company.

Our talent comes from:

  • We are in contact with all the European ad US investment funds.
  • More than 50 side projects are already uploaded.
  • From Makers for Makers. We didn't reinvent the wheel.

Solo-doers in numbers

  • +50 companies
    We give you control of the project so you can manage it. You start with the product, traction and a team that supports you.
  • 8 years of experience
    We've been combining product, code and no-code for a long time. We know how to validate scalable businesses.
  • 100% talent
    We filter in detail. We only launch products from people who know what they're doing.